Poems and Phantasms

I wrote this in reaction to watching the following interview with Syrian activist Michel Kilo:


How Do You Describe A Bird


How do you describe a bird

to a child raised in captivity

How do you define the words

of bird

and free

and fly


How do you tell him a story of things

outside the life of his cage

How dare you share a world of wings

and wind

and trees

and sky


Can you make him a promise to take him there

to a place that is wild and alive

Can you even begin to answer the where

and when

and how

and why


Sing him a song, then, of home and nest

inside the womb of his room

Give him a reason for peace and rest

till then

for now

a lullaby

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Comments on: "How Do You Describe A Bird: to the children of Syria" (11)

  1. Jeff Nguyen said:

    This is a beautiful poem, I hope the boy that inspired it is able to one day read it and play with a ball, free from his cage.

  2. Thank you, Jeff. I hope so too, very much.

  3. This is really nice. I had seen one of your poems on BettyGeneric the other day, and really enjoyed it. Since you stopped by my blog and commented, I decided to check out yours and realized that I had already seen your work.

    • Thank you so much for visiting my poems today! I’m grateful that Betty Generic shared that piece because it introduced me to several new poets, yourself included. I like your work too and look forward to following you. 🙂

  4. Women in Poetry said:

    Very moving poem. The video shocked me. Why have I never heard this on the news?

    • This is an older video and story, but mainstream news often fails to report these kinds of stories. Thank you very much for reading and for your comment.

      • Women in Poetry said:

        I am hooked on your writing now. 🙂 – It reminded me of Maya Angelou’s poem I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I had to post it.

  5. I couldn’t wait to come and read your lovely poem. I really love it. The caged bird has a right to be free. I thank God for putting amazing people like you in my life. Let me share a great secret of mine that does me enormous good. I interact immensely with people by far younger than me. Younger people are such an inspiration. Let me go back and complete reading your beautiful comment on my blog. Lovely friend, continue to be a wonderful person.

    • Thank you for reading it and for your lovely comments. I am grateful for your kind thoughts. 🙂 I agree that interacting with people who are younger keeps us in touch with new and inspiring ideas, and we also learn so much from wise elders who have shared their life experiences. Thank you again for your generosity.

      • I am most appreciative. You will see that with this kind of support I will look younger and younger everyday; I will do more for others; I will be more inspiring; I will make a worthy modest contribution to make the world an excellent place. Hence just by commenting you can change the world. Did you see my post on blog comments and about page?

      • Thank you and yes! 🙂

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