Poems and Phantasms

One Day When I Am Enough


One day

when I am thin enough

I will wear that dress


One day

when I am rich enough

I will go to that restaurant


One day I will be

confident enough for the beach

smart enough for the job

brave enough for travelling

to the places I want to go,

pretty enough

to be



I will dance without restraint

sing without doubt

smile without fear




with my whole heart and know myself

to be beautiful


One day I will live


Until then, I am

waiting for the

moment when I will

be good


Comments on: "One Day When I Am Enough" (8)

  1. Reblogged this on Betty Generic and commented:
    I think allot of us live by the sentiment of someday as if today is not enough. Today, however is all we have and that is why it has to start being enough. It has to be and I am glad to have found this poem by Lurana Brown to remind me of that.
    Betty G

  2. Agreed, friend. It is all we have. Sometimes only a moment. Choose a smile. Like watching the leaves on your backyard tree. They grow a moment at a time without concern for the beautiful foliage and providing shade of tomorrow.

  3. Very moving…reminds me of my somedays…the searching for that something that makes you good enough… melancholia. So good when you can move on, but better to remember, so as not to return.

  4. My philosophy has always been to live flat out…with passion and full speed ahead. I’m not waiting for anyone or anything. There isn’t time for that. This is the only moment we have and I’m ready for it. My life’s theme song is by Queen: I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW.

  5. Love this poem…it incites contemplation.

    “Am I enough?” We all quietly ask ourselves that question at one time or another, when life fails to give us what we desire. Once we truly believe and have faith that we are “enough,” then we are complete and we no longer want. Happiness and love of the self brings an end to self-doubt. My wish is that we all find that special place within ourselves and scratch our fleeting visits to that sought-after vacation spot for a full relocation =). If only it was that easy 😉

  6. I found this post through the reblog on Betty Generic. I had to comment because I think this poem is amazingly fantastic. It hit me right between the eyes with emotion and meaning. How many times have I said those same words to myself?

    Beautiful, beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Hello and thank you for commenting—I am touched that it reached you. Too many of us say those messages to ourselves silently, subconsciously, where it is most difficult to question them. But we need to call them out and break them down, because we do deserve to live right now! 🙂

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