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Comments on: "I Dreamed Of God in a Paper Hat" (3)

  1. I’m Catholic, and my vision of God and religion… I think is a little closer than yours, surrounded by colorful, spontaneity and tradition.
    I also learned to pray the Our Father in my family, and even today, although all we’ve followed different ways, when I close my eyes and start to pray, it moves me to my own home … This is my vision of heaven: our home, the place we can never keep away far enough cause it’s present in every single path we do.
    (Excuse my spelling… I’m not very proficient in your lenguage… yet!)

  2. Txeiks—Hello! Thank you for introducing yourself to me today. I cannot speak a word of Catalan, so I thank you for writing to me in English! 🙂 My parents were raised Catholic but did not continue it with us. The Our Father prayer brings me back to my childhood home too. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about heaven; your vision is beautiful! Peace to you, Lurana

  3. […] you to Spirit Caller Magazine for including my poem in their latest […]

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