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Portal to Muse

“A suspended droplet with wrapping paper used as a backdrop” Aussiegall (CC A 2.0)


Air on the surface too shallow

to breathe. I filter

through layers, percolating

mindful of ruminating sea.


Dripping ideas, inside

sodden shell huddled. Sudden

watershed thoughts drench:

sweet dreaming tide.


Delving to distraction, beside

myself.  Space between thoughts

so vast,





Comments on: "Portal to Muse" (5)

  1. I will take a stab…are you talking about two undesirable places? One where our everyday life sucks all the breath out of you? The other the belief deep introspective thought is the only alternative where solace must be sought? Succumbing to introspect…

    There is a third where we can unshoulder the weight of self-motivated thought and the shallowness of the world. He is in Jesus.

    You may not have meant that at all but, to me, I see existential thought again and again with a solution so easily attained in Christ.

    I appreciate the ability to comment openly. It is what your writing did to me this morning.

    Peace and love


  2. …and thanks always for visiting my blog!

  3. Rick, I greatly appreciate open dialogue and am thrilled that you read this so thoughtfully.

    You describe those two places so well—I absolutely was beginning with that feeling of being strangled by mundane life. And while the inward escape of introspection can offer tranquility and inspiration, it can also make us drown in self-absorption.

    My intention here was to describe access to internal, meditative sources of creativity, but my earlier working title of this poem was called “Melancholy Cocoon” and other (deleted) lines were more existentialist than these. Your insight is especially keen.

    I spent a few years of my life deeply involved in an Evangelical Lutheran Church and know Jesus. I cannot call myself a Christian though, because I do not agree with many common interpretations of scripture (nor in its infallibility, because of human corruption). My beliefs are a great departure from common tenets, so that other Christians would not want me to call myself a Christian either.

    I do not believe God is exclusive—I believe that the Spirit would be revealed to every individual in every culture and to all living beings in nature. I also do not believe any human being has a right to judge another as if they were a representative of God (civic law and order is another matter). I have done many Bible studies and am familiar with C.S. Lewis’s trilemma….I simply have come to spiritual understandings that apparently are not shared by the majority of religious people. I sincerely see each human being as a child of God.

    Your comment is very valuable to me; you reached out and touched my life and I thank you.


  4. Jeff Nguyen said:

    I really liked the vivid imagery you evoked in your words. The glass water drop was eye catching and a perfect complement to the verse.

    • Jeff—Thank you! I usually use Wikimedia Commons to find photos and am very grateful that skilled photographers/artists are willing to share their creative work, such as this one. I’m pleased that you liked it; thanks so much for reading. ~Lurana

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