Poems and Phantasms


“Sick Child” Hmayak Artsatpanyan, 1900 (USA Public Domain)


slept in gym clothes, nothing

was going to stand in

my way


except, a child

waking up sick


packed my bag, their lunch

whistling Dixie for breakfast


I never even told her

about that email from the

school yesterday, Someone in

Your Child’s class has a

Very Contagious disease so

watch out


but she knew the symptoms



it’s another round of

brush the doll’s hair and where’s my thing

another set of tea and

toast, no crust, cut in squares


and little feverish hands in mine

asking “Mommy why are you crying?” because

another little piece of ego just died, dear


working out today

is heart


Comments on: "Routine" (2)

  1. Beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes! Sending you hugs!

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