Firefly Healing, LLC


Thank you for your visit! I am a writer and pianist/accompanist and operate through my self-owned business, Firefly Healing, LLC. Below are the thoughts behind my company name.

There is magic in the ordinary. Bugs and darkness: two things many people fear. Yet fireflies—bugs in the dark !—enchant us with their tiny lights. How we experience life is entirely a matter of perspective. It is possible to find peace and joy (the mental and emotional foundations of wellness) in any situation, because they exist solely in your mind and heart. In the darkest of times, look for the flashes of light: silver linings, beauty, humor, hope, and gratitude. They may be elusive but they will brighten your world.

The light is already in you. Many people seek healing somewhere out there…in elaborate programs, in others who seem more evolved, or in esoteric theories. Feel what is right for you resonate in the center of your body. Be honest with yourself and act with integrity.  Let go of all which does not bring you peace, joy, or health.

The light is wild. Nature is serene and fierce, full of grace and suffering, patterned yet unpredictable. We often seek wellness with certain expectations, and the power of positive thinking encourages us to focus on our visions. It is wise to remember that all things in nature—of which we humans are a part—have the potential for surprise, and that the challenges of pain, disease, and death are natural too. Allow your heart to stay open, to choose life again and again, regardless of circumstances that may be out of your control.

Life is brief but bright. There is light and there is dark…there is life and there is death. We need not fear either. Shine in the darkness. Live bigger in the bright moments!

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