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Shout Out UK – How Do You Describe a Bird

Shout Out UK – How Do You Describe a Bird

Thank you very much to Shout Out UK for publishing my poem!

How Do You Describe A Bird: to the children of Syria

I wrote this in reaction to watching the following interview with Syrian activist Michel Kilo:


How Do You Describe A Bird


How do you describe a bird

to a child raised in captivity

How do you define the words

of bird

and free

and fly


How do you tell him a story of things

outside the life of his cage

How dare you share a world of wings

and wind

and trees

and sky


Can you make him a promise to take him there

to a place that is wild and alive

Can you even begin to answer the where

and when

and how

and why


Sing him a song, then, of home and nest

inside the womb of his room

Give him a reason for peace and rest

till then

for now

a lullaby

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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