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Hurrying Home

Illustration from “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne, painted by Edouard Riou, 1864 (Public Domain)

Perhaps there is

a shorter path

with stops for my amusement

but I am hurrying home


Perhaps there is

an easier road

with pleasures at every turn

but I

am hurrying home


Perhaps there is

another way

longer, with less suffering

but I

am hurrying



Due North

“A very long exposure (7+ hours) of the sky looking at the North Star, taken in Northern Arizona” LCGS Russ (CC A-S A 3.0)

I have no map

to the northern parts

of the northern hemisphere.

Seeking the Northwest Passage, I follow

the North Star

through my fear.


Bridging the gap

between future and past,

I travel with dreams all my own.

I follow my vision to places unknown

believing that there

lies my home.

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