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Pieces of Traditions

“Gifu Pref Centennial Park” Hide-sp (CC-AS-A 3.0)

Pieces of traditions align differently each time

The plans and past collide in sometimes unexpected ways

It is not ours to paint a static portrait of events

Instead, evolving kaleidoscopes mosaic all our days


Nostalgia, fragile in its joys, is keenly stained with meaning

Objects link with moments where our loved ones left us traces

Inside the boxes, cherished things hold hands that once held them

Inside our hearts, we feel engraved familiar names and faces


We cook, we talk, we laugh, we cry, and time is full again

Each day brings comforts and surprises, puzzling in their grace

Changes augment patterns in a vivid animation

Newness smooths with mingling, and the pieces fall in place

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