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Scatter Kind Words

Scatter kind words like seeds

to the four corners of the earth

to the wind and sky

to hell and back, where

they are needed most

they will find their way


As the tiniest light

shines the greatest good

in the blackest night, so too

the kind word roots

deepest in the heart

rich with grief

abundant with gratitude

‘To Be Kind’ by Lurana brown

My guest post on the Kindness Blog! 🙂

Kindness Blog

‘To Be Kind’ by Lurana brown

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“Love is little, love is low. Love will make our spirits grow.

Grow in peace, grow in light. Love will do the thing that’s right.”

– Shaker hymn

Love wears many faces, such as kinship, passion, and forgiveness. It shines through any act that willingly gives the “other” the same or greater esteem that we give ourselves. Kindness is a form of love that includes compassion and generosity, and seeks to grant comfort, dignity, or joy. Like gentleness, it is not so much an emotion as it is an expression of love.

To be kind is to offer words and actions as gifts. There is empathy in kindness that notices another’s needs or shortcomings, and then grace that offers to cover them unasked. There is encouragement that aligns with potential, and respect that speaks to the nobility in others. There is humility in kindness…

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