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How Do You Describe A Bird: to the children of Syria

I wrote this in reaction to watching the following interview with Syrian activist Michel Kilo:


How Do You Describe A Bird


How do you describe a bird

to a child raised in captivity

How do you define the words

of bird

and free

and fly


How do you tell him a story of things

outside the life of his cage

How dare you share a world of wings

and wind

and trees

and sky


Can you make him a promise to take him there

to a place that is wild and alive

Can you even begin to answer the where

and when

and how

and why


Sing him a song, then, of home and nest

inside the womb of his room

Give him a reason for peace and rest

till then

for now

a lullaby

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Nickels and Diamonds

photo by Lurana Brown


Everything interesting, everything new

You find what glitters when I walk with you

Things that were lost are outgrown like your shoes

All that I passed by was worth it with you


Puddles and rainbows, acorns and shells

Frost on the windows, tinkling bells

With you, life is magic with treasures to find

And out of your pockets come nickels and diamonds


Sunrises, seasons, and waves on the sand

Too few are the days that I’ll hold your hand

So I’ll rock you and read you and sing you to sleep

And I won’t let that cradle fall out of the tree


Pinecones and butterflies, feathers and swings

Pebbles and ribbons and green growing things

With you, there are stories and pleasures to find

For out of your pockets come nickels and diamonds


“Vanitas” Michael Conrad Hirt, circa 1630 (Public Domain)


Fossilized footprints, books

Placing my self inside another’s imprints

Close enough to touch the marks

the writer left

in time


Connect with creature through created

One-way mirror, darkened back

One either sees

or is



From the forests, page by page

The words are thrown into the sea

Wanderers find that they were seeking

kinship bottled, opened


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