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Scatter Kind Words

Scatter kind words like seeds

to the four corners of the earth

to the wind and sky

to hell and back, where

they are needed most

they will find their way


As the tiniest light

shines the greatest good

in the blackest night, so too

the kind word roots

deepest in the heart

fertile with grief

or made full with gratitude

Another Season


This winter I am not looking in

seed catalogs. They belong to another season

before this third-floor apartment

before the divorce.


I planted myself in that garden for years

his property. That last summer I knew

it was the last. I gathered

stepping stones for storage. I transplanted

my grandmother’s mint. I pruned

tomatoes till my hands were stained,

stinging with the smell of yellow-green. I filled

a jar of Job’s tears,

grey pearls for my new windowsill.


My first roses are untrained now and I never

tasted the asparagus I started

from seed. So I close my eyes and feel

the roots and drive deep

the stakes and make

my plans for another season,

another spring.

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