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Different Only in the Telling

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA. James Gordon, 2007 (CCA 2.0)

I have been to the dark places

dwelt in utter depths, felt them

calling their own

inside me


too many to count the ways

the paths may differ

the particulars peculiar

but we meet there

all the same


and so the flicker of




in another’s eyes


and the smiles, just as deep

from souls cracked open

to the core


hearing the stories different

only in the telling


Nearly Spring

“Footprints in the snow; two sets of footprints are all that mark the line of the bridleway from Windy Hall down to Garrigill village in South Tynedale” Oliver Dixon (CC A-S A 2.0)

Today I walked in a snowstorm

to my friend’s funeral

and when I got back, my daughter

lost a tooth.


The friendship had blossomed

quickly and deeply, but not as fast

as the cancer. I wanted to see spring

with this friend.


The tooth was only

the second one lost, and her smile

was brand-new

all over again.

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