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entirely upon the breeze

there is a certain fragrant ease

a vernal arrogance, a tease


each shell

each nest

each hole unfurled

each bud

each blossom:

sovereign worlds


and when, at last, the thaw seeps in

unleashed, a thousand thoughts that sing

of spring and wings and newborn things


emerges fierce from dreams of frost

the victor clings and counts no cost

Nearly Spring

“Footprints in the snow; two sets of footprints are all that mark the line of the bridleway from Windy Hall down to Garrigill village in South Tynedale” Oliver Dixon (CC A-S A 2.0)

Today I walked in a snowstorm

to my friend’s funeral

and when I got back, my daughter

lost a tooth.


The friendship had blossomed

quickly and deeply, but not as fast

as the cancer. I wanted to see spring

with this friend.


The tooth was only

the second one lost, and her smile

was brand-new

all over again.

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