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Different Only in the Telling

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA. James Gordon, 2007 (CCA 2.0)

I have been to the dark places

dwelt in utter depths, felt them

calling their own

inside me


too many to count the ways

the paths may differ

the particulars peculiar

but we meet there

all the same


and so the flicker of




in another’s eyes


and the smiles, just as deep

from souls cracked open

to the core


hearing the stories different

only in the telling


If You’re Looking

Public Domain. Zygmunt Gloger, circa 1900-1903.


Most of my tattoos are on the inside

Engravings of childhood stories, deep as a well

grooves of favorite songs that crackle with each echo

impressions of memories getting prettier as they fade

and of course, all the scars


I used to decorate myself

with notions and intentions, superstitions and pretensions

then truth finally came, burning


I look rather plain now

All the beauty got buried

It’s not skin-deep anymore, you know?


But all the things that tell my story are still here

You can see them

if you’re looking

in the right place

Nickels and Diamonds

photo by Lurana Brown


Everything interesting, everything new

You find what glitters when I walk with you

Things that were lost are outgrown like your shoes

All that I passed by was worth it with you


Puddles and rainbows, acorns and shells

Frost on the windows, tinkling bells

With you, life is magic with treasures to find

And out of your pockets come nickels and diamonds


Sunrises, seasons, and waves on the sand

Too few are the days that I’ll hold your hand

So I’ll rock you and read you and sing you to sleep

And I won’t let that cradle fall out of the tree


Pinecones and butterflies, feathers and swings

Pebbles and ribbons and green growing things

With you, there are stories and pleasures to find

For out of your pockets come nickels and diamonds

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