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Spectacles by Lurana Brown

Thank you to Postcard Poems and Prose for publishing my poem!

Art Credit - PP&P Staff Art Credit – PP&P Staff

Lurana Brown is a palliative massage therapist and pianist and is studying to be a midwife-to-the-dying. She operates her business as a gift economy. She’s been called oversensitive, serious, and most of all idealistic, but she’s sticking with her laissez-faire faith that light can break through any darkness. She thinks the most beautiful things in the world are wilderness and grace. Lurana’s poems have been published by the Blue Hour, Shoe Music Press, Shout Out UK, Spirit Caller Magazine, S/tick, and Swimming with Elephants. She can be found at www.luranabrown.com and has a few illustrated poems available at Redbubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/luranabrown.

The author wearing her most favorite pants ever. The author wearing her most favorite pants ever.

Looking less serious at a luau. Looking less serious at a luau.

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Due North

“A very long exposure (7+ hours) of the sky looking at the North Star, taken in Northern Arizona” LCGS Russ (CC A-S A 3.0)

I have no map

to the northern parts

of the northern hemisphere.

Seeking the Northwest Passage, I follow

the North Star

through my fear.


Bridging the gap

between future and past,

I travel with dreams all my own.

I follow my vision to places unknown

believing that there

lies my home.

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