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Come to the Forest to Visit Me

“Westonbirt Arboretum – Avenue of trees” Stuz (CC A-S A 3.0)


Come to the forest to visit me

Down by the roots of a tree

Waste not your tears on cold stone graves

Water a flower for me


Give me to the earth when my winter comes

Bury me deep in the ground

Mark not my place with statues or caves

Find me where life can be found


Come to the woods when autumn leaves turn

Golden and copper and red

Rustle up memories, seeds of joy stored

Kick up the leaves in my stead


Visit a garden on warm, summer days

Keep company with blossoms and bees

Remember my heart blooms forever in yours

Take comfort from shushing shade trees


Let springtime surround you with life and the living

Birdsong and budding green leaves

Look up at the sky, give thanks for sun and rain

When you think of me, smile more than grieve


Come to the forest to visit me

Down by the roots of a tree

Live every day that is given to you

Water a new flower for me

Retire To A Garden

“Victoria in the botanical Garden of Braunschweig” Mattes (Public Domain)


If I could design places for old people

the center: a greenhouse room

lush and tropical, the air

zinging with plant life, brazen in its



Smooth paths around

raised beds, just right

for wheelchair gardeners…come see

how we’ve been



Potting benches, misting bottles

clipping, pruning, seeding

pitching pennies in the fountain

occupational wishing



Kitchen fruits and mint for tea

blooms for table vases

community herb garden, visit

picking flowers


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